• Diagnose

    Our client is  Turkey’s leading technology solutions provider with more than 500 employees and delivering solutions and services to customers in more than 20 countries.

    As one of the fastest growing technology company, our client wanted to complete the year with a growth rate above the sector’s average once again and extend their business to new regions within coming 5 years.

    Parallel to this ongoing growth, the number of employees had increased fourfold and the current HR manager couldn’t represent the organization on a level of a director, which meant replacement of the position.

    In order to fill the position, DataExpert was asked to search for  a “HR Director”  who would be close to board level.

    Partnering with the client, DataExpert defined the qualifications and the job descriptions of  “HR Director”. The client needed a “HR Director” who would be responsible of the turnaround of all HR processes and developing the forward strategies of the company.

  • Implement

    Deep research within the technology market  was conducted by DataExpert and qualified candidates were identified.  The attraction, assessment and selection of potential candidates were completed successfully by our counsultant who has deep knowledge about the requirements of the position and ability to analyze the behavioral characteristics of the most ideal candidates.

  • Place

    At the end of the search, 8 candidates were presented to our client.  Each qualifiers’ background had been checked via 360 degree referencing in order to grasp details about the candidates from all perspectives. The reports and references were shared with our client to provide the details and opinions about each candidate. The client was fully satisfied with the selection process and the strategic support of DataExpert.  Finally, while converting the possible fit into a placement, we consulted our client about the possible package that should be offered, the contract conditions and targets. Negotiations between the client and the selected candidate were carried by DataExpert in a professional way and the project was closed with a successful placement.

  • Confirm

    The total process was completed within 12 weeks and the successful candidate was integrated into the organization with the help of DataExpert. The “HR Director” developed and implemented all processes and procedures successfully. Compliance and governance needs of our client were met  and the growth of the company continued.  Our client is one of the fastest growing technology company for more than 5 consecutive years and carrying out successful projects with its growing team of professionals. This assignment proves that, how the right selected candidates can contribute to company’s success. 

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