Board & Leadership Advisory Services

Board & Leadership Advisory Services

In todays world boards and leaders of companies expected to perform highest standarts ever in order to compete with the changing world’s environment. At DataExpert we furnished our board services under 8 categories to fulfill the demands and needs of shareholders, investors as well as regulatory institutions. 

  • Independent Board Member / Director Search :
    In alliance with today’s competitive market conditions, independent board members and non-executive directors are becoming more and more critical. However It is a mandatory to fulfill the legislative requirements; appointing an independent board member requires high understanding of company’s culture, its product/services as well as people within the company. Our Board Member Search begins with detailed analysis of the company and its direction towards. While understanding the current conditions of the board; we start furnishing the profile needed and consult and advise our client, how they can reach their target. Combining the extraordinary know-how with our unparalleled network enables us to identify exceptional leaders for every assignment.     

  • CxO Recruitment & Orientation : 
    C-Suite has always been a complex structure within the organizations and requires high attention when replacing a board member. One step beyond the Executive Search Service our CxO practice’s success lies in our cultural assessment capabilities. Building or maintaining harmony between board members plays a vital importance on company’s success. Wheter building the board from scratch or replacing a board member we meet with other board members and shareholders to understand their vision and company’s direction as an enabler for the perfect match and harmony. 

  • Interim Management Solutions :
    Challenging market situations and organizational changes requires full flexibility even at the top management levels. Our Interim Management solution is designed for companies who are in a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization. Not always organizations need permanent senior managers to complete mid-term duties and strageties. Our Interim management solution consist of four stages. Diagnosis, Solution, Implementation and Exit.  

  • Strategic Board Advisory / Board (Re)Structring :
    It plays a great importance on companies’ sustainability of their businesses that the boards and the vision is in alliance with. Our Board Advisory practice consultants work with shareholders and boards to identify the needs and the structure of the board to make them the true strategic asset of the company. The process starts with an analysis of the current vision of the company followed by the challenges and new trends that the company might face with. Then the optimum board is structured to follow the vision, followed by an optimized organization that the company should focus. 

  • Executive Compensation Consultancy:
    Not only appointing executives or heads of the company it is very important how you compensate them. All stakeholders now expect that the directors and boards to be compensated according to their performance. We have deep knowledge based more than a decade of experience “How boards and executives should be remunerated?”. Tailoring this knowledge for our clients and combining with our entrepreneur spirit we consult our clients about the appropriateness of fees, bonuses, shares and stock options related to competitive market conditions and company targets. 

  • Organizational Transformation:
    The world is in a state of change constantly. It is a mandatory for companies to adapt the new trends, technologies and even the new culture of the world. However each and every company is aware of the situation, most of the companies does not know “How” to do it. We support our clients not only feeding the boards and shareholders with latest trends; we show them “How” to adapt their organization into the newest trends. 

  • Corporate Governance Practices:
    Everday we interact with corporates related to “What, How and When” they do things. We consult our clients to find solutions for their challenges and board compliances related to corporate governance issues. It is very common that your case has been faced in another company and also it is very common that we have a solution for the case.     

  • M&A Initiation:
    However our experience does not come from Mergers and Acquisitions; because of interfacing with companies’ managements everyday and besides knowing their strategies, where the company is heading up, how to reach its target and combining this with cultural match, we already completed number of merger and acquisition deals for our clients. Additionally our networking, people and company assessment capabilities allows us to match the unmatched needs. Also as entrepreneurs ourselves, we have the knowledge and ability to direct our customers’ to how and with whom they can fulfill the desired outcomes. We partner with number of reputable and well-known M&A consultancy companies to close and execute the deals on behalf of our clients.   

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